Water Resources & Irrigation

This division provides services for designing, feasibility studies, planning and resident supervision of dams, irrigation systems, hydropower projects, drainage projects, structures, barrages, canals etc. The division has carried out works on major projects independently as well as in association with renowned local and international consultancy companies. Feasibility Study of Punjab Barrages Rehabilitation Project, Phase-I for Jinnah Barrage, Balloki Barrage and Islam Headworks has been completed in association with ACE (Pvt) Ltd and Other renowned Consultants, Detailed Design of 1150 MW Kohala Hydropower Project and Feasibility Study of 720 MW Karot Hydropower Project are in progress.

The services provided are:

  • Water resource development
  • Irrigation schemes (major and small) ground water & trickle irrigation system
  • Drainage & Land Reclamation Works
  • Hydraulic design of canals and drainage structures
  • Investigation & design of small dams
  • Water management & conservation
  • Flood control & storage
  • Hydraulic model tests & hydrologic model studies
  • Environmental and hydrologic studies & surface drainage
  • Ground water development
  • Soil salinity and water logging
  • Agronomical studies
  • Agriculture & forestry
  • Training in irrigation system management and regulation of canal head works & barrages.

Some Major Projects:

  • Feasibility Study for Cholistan Irrigation Project
  • Review of Feasibility of Gomal Zam Multi purpose Project (Phase-I)
  • Pre Feasibility Study of Kurram Tangi Dam
  • On Farm Water Management Project
  • Lower Indus Right Bank Irrigation & Drainage Project (Stage-1)
  • Evaluation of Safety of Major Irrigation Installations/Structures in Faisalabad Region of Punjab Irrigation Department
  • Design and construction supervision for remodelling of Major Irrigation Installations/ Structures-B.S.II Link
  • Comparative Evaluation of Cost Effectiveness of Canal Lining, Interceptor Drains & Sub-Surface Drainage
    Supervisory Services for Flood Restoration/ Protection works of Lahore and Faisalabad Zones
  • Survey & Investigation for Reconstruction of Choa Saiden Shah Nullah Resident Supervisory Consulting Services for Construction of J-Head Spur near Sheraza Pattan
  • Flood Protection/Restoration Works in Lahore Zone of I&P Department Punjab for 1998-99
  • Annual operation and development works for Small Dams in I & P Department Punjab
  • Supervision of Flood Restoration works of Lahore Zone of I&P Department, Punjab 1997-98
  • Supervision of ADP/M&R Works of Sargodha Irrigation Zone for year 1998-99 and 1999-2000
  • Supervision of ADP/M&R Works Irrigation Development Zone for the year 1998-99
  • Feasibility Study for the Development Irrigation in Cholistan Area in Rahim Yar Khan District
  • Restoration of 1999 Rain/Flood Damaged Occurred to Chablat Kas Lift Irrigation, Jehlum
  • Restoration of 1999 Rain/Flood Damaged Occurred to Spillway and Stone Pitching of Nirali Dam ADP Works Watershed Management Works of Rawal Dam
  • Construction of New Dhok Tahlian Dam in District Chakwal
  • NDP-Sector Policy Studies (Package-I)
  • Terbela Mangla Watershed Management Programme
  • Master Plan for Forestry Development & Resource Mobilization (Farm Forestry survey and provision of local experts).

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