Mechanical & Electrical

The division undertakes design and supervision of fabrication/ installation services of mechanical and electrical equipment related to:

  • water supply and sewerage works,
  • hydropower plants,
  • head regulators,
  • barrages and other hydraulic structures,
  • power distribution network evaluation and design of large pumping stations
  • industrial /production units and
  • industrial equipment.

Some Major Projects:

  • Evaluation of Mechanical/ Electrical Plants for ICI Soda Ash Factory, Solvent Oil Extraction Plant
    and Vegetable Oil Industry
  • Power Distribution Networks for Housing Schemes
  • Design of electrical/mechanical equipment for 1100 MW Kohala Hydropower Project.
  • Preliminary Design of 720 MW Karot Hydro Power Project
  • Evaluation of Plant & Machinery of M-2 Motorway Project
  • Study & Evaluation of Safety of Major Irrigation Installations/ Structures including Gates, Hoists etc for Khanki Head Works, Qadirabad Barrage and 18 other major structures, Critical design review of structures, hydraulic & mechanical components, setting up numerical model for uplift pressures, engineering design for remodelling & reconstruction works
  • Power Transmission Enhancement Program, Tranche-1. (PMU Support).
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Major Clients