Environment & Social Development

Environmental degradation and deterioration is a global issue. With the start of the 21st century, the growing consensus among nations is to protect and conserve the environment. A balance is to be made between development and environment and everyone must play their part in preserving the nature. The question of environment verses development has frequently been addressed in present day projects. Contemporary to the requirements of environmental awareness, EGC has formulated a Team under one roof comprising of multi-disciplinary engineers capable of envisaging, visualizing and mitigating environmental impacts due to various development projects for broad spectrum of the prospective clients.

As a result of the need to manage the environment and to control and regulate the developmental activities, which affect the physical as well as social environment, various studies aiming at the EIA have been undertaken by Environment and Social Development Division of EGC. The studies not only involve the impact identification but also an assessment of the magnitude of the impacts and the proposed mitigation measures. Besides the physical factors, e.g. air pollution, water pollution, noise, chemical hazards, seismic upheavals, biological disruption, as well as those related to water supply, sewerage, drainage, treatment, the socio-economic characteristics of the project are also taken into consideration. Projects handled by this Sector also include a number of projects funded by IFIA, such as ADB, WB, JICA etc.

The services provided include:

  • Field investigation & data collection
  • Initial environmental examination (IEE)
  • Environmental social soundness assessment (ESSA)
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental impact mitigation measures
  • Environmental policies
  • Urban environmental mitigation studies
  • Sustainable water resources development Conservation & agricultural development
  • Environmental resources management & conservation

Some Major Projects:

  • Sectoral Environmental and SA Study and RAP for Rehabilitation of National Highways in Pakistan
  • EIA for Earthquake Damaged Roads. Rehabilitation in AJK NWFP Areas. i.Jhelum Valley Road ((JVR) and Murree – Kohala Road (S-2), ii.Bisian – Balakot – Kaghan Road , (N-15) iii.Battal – Batgram –Thakot Road, (N-33)
  • Feasibility Study for Installation of Chairlift/ Cable Car System with Allied Facilities including EIA & SIA at Fort Manroe, Distt. D.G. Khan
  • Preparation & Implementation of RAP for Sehwan to Khairpur Nathan Shah and Khairpur Nathan Shah to Ratodero (N-55)
  • Feasibility Study including EIA & RAP for Rehabilitation of Balloki, Jinnah Barrages and Islam Head Works
  • Pre-Feasibility Study including EA for Development of Mari Hill Top as a Tourist Resort, District, Rajan Pur
  • Sectoral Study on Environmental Technology and Infrastructure
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study for 3000 Tons per day Cement Plant, Fauji Foundation (Fauji Cement Company Ltd.)
  • Environmental and Social Soundness Assessment (ESSA) Study of 700 MW Oil Field Power Plant at Hub, Balochistan
  • EIA for 720 MW Karot Hydro Power Project
  • EIA and RAP study as part of Feasibility Studies of Shogosin and Sushgai Hydropower Projects.
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of Ghazi Barotha, Khan Khwar, Kohala and Phandar Hydropower Projects.

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Major Clients