Sectoral Environmental and Social Assessment Study (SEA), EIAs, EMPs, SAs, RFPs and RAPs for Rehabilitation of National Highways in Pakistan 


National Highway Authority( NHA), Islamabad


All Over Pakistan

Approx. value of the services provided by firm under the contract (PKR)

Rs. 9.8 Million

Start Date

May, 2001

End Date

April, 2009

Scope of the project

The proposed National Highway Improvement Program (NIP) is to increase the efficiency of Pakistan's National Highway Network and to help significantly lower the cost of inland transportation of goods and passengers, by the year 2010. The programme will achieve this by supporting:

  • A more rational allocation of public expenditures in the highway sector - increasing the share of resources for rehabilitation, maintenance, and selective improvements;

  • Introduction of new sustainable sources of finance for road maintenance, with greater community user and private sector participation in generation of revenues and management of the funds; and

Efficiency improvements through institutional strengthening/progressive commercialisation of road sector agencies and promotion of private sector provision and operation of highway and related services.


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