Construction Supervision of following Roads of Sargodha Circle (Mianwali-Bhakkar Districts). (Total 266.5 Km)
1. W/I of Harnoli to Wan Bachran to Musa Khel Length 48.91 km
2. W/I of Lahore, Jaranwala, Jhang, Bhakkar, Dary Khan Art-3 Roads, Length 107.82km
3. W/I of Kallorkot-Darya Khan Road Length 44.50 km
4. W/I of Notak-Mithu Bindu Road
5. W/I of Behal-Bhir Rashid Road
6. W/I of Adda Jahan Khan-51 /TDA Road
7. W/I of Bhakkar-Khansar-Kapahi Road
8. W/I of Darya Khan-Dulley Wala Road


Communication & Works Department


Mianwali-Bhakker Districts, Punjab

Approx. value of the services provided by firm under the contract (PKR)

Rs. 43.23 Million

Start Date

December, 2009

End Date

June, 2012

Scope of the project

Construction Supervision and Management of Roads of Sargodha Circle (Mianwali-Bhakkar Districts).

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