Review of Feasibility Report, Detail Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents and PC-1 Performa of MOHMAND Hydropower Project (Formerly Munda Dam)


WAPDA, Lahore


Mohmand Agency,Federally Administered

Approx. value of the services provided by firm under the contract (PKR)

Rs. 52 Million

Start Date

February, 2012

End Date

February, 2014

Scope of the project

Munda Dam is an under-construction medium-size multi-purpose concrete-faced rock-filled dam located on the Swat River approximately 37 km north of Peshawar and 5 km upstream of Munda Headworks in the Mohmand Agency of Pakistan'sGilgitbaldistan Agency.

Upon completion, the dam will generate 740 MW of hydroelectricity, irrigate 15,100 acres of land and control floods downstream.It is expected to provide numerous estimated annual benefits including Rs. 4.98 billion in annual water storage benefits, Rs. 19.6 billion in power generation benefits by generating 2.4 billion units of electricity annually and Rs. 79 million in annual flood mitigation benefits.
The main assignment of the consultants is to prepare Project Planning Report, Detailed Engineering Design to the level of tender design, Tender Documents and PC-1 so that international competitive bidding (ICB) could be places.

The consultants will accomplish in the following tasks:-

Task-I Inception report
Task-II Project Planning Report
Task-III Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Documents and PC-1


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