Design and Supervision of following of three High Head Hydro Power Projects

• Allai Khawar (121 MW)

• Duber Khawar (130 MW)

• Khan Khawar (75 MW)


WAPDA, Lahore


Indus Tributaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Approx. value of the services provided by firm under the contract (PKR)

Rs. 27.453 Million

Start Date

November, 2002

End Date

June, 2012

Scope of the project

Engineering design, construction supervision, progress monitoring, Contract Administration of High Head Hydro Power Projects. The three projects use Pelton and francis turbines including following hydraulic structures .
• Main Dam (Concrete gravity, 100m crest length, 30m height)
• Weir (Concrete weir, 111m Crest length)
• Penstock (2.6m dia, 1326m length)
• Power Tunnels

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