Construction Supervision of selected sections of 10 Roads of Faisalabad Highway Circle with 244 Km Length:
Provincial Highway Division, Faisalabad (131 Km)
Provincial Highway Division, Jhang (113 Km)


Communication & Works Department, Lahore. (Provincial Highway Circle, Faisalabad)


Faisalabad & Jhang Punjab

Approx. value of the services provided by firm under the contract (PKR)

Rs. 58.451 Million

Start Date

December, 2009

End Date

June, 2012

Scope of the project

Provincial Highway Division, Faisalabad:

1. Dualization of Road from Khurrianwala to Sahianwala Interchange, L = 20.67 km
2. Dualization of Faisalabad Samundri Road (Section Between Faisalabad bypass to Samundri) Km 11.68 to 42.84 L = 31.16 Km
3. W/I of Road from Faisalabad Bypass road to Maripattan = 53.41 Km
4. Construction of Khurrianwala Bypass Road, L = 17.38 Km
5. Dualization of Road from Allied Hospital Akbar Chowk to Tablighi Markaz Masjid upto Faisalabad Bypass road and additional link upto Sargodha Road L = 8.42Km

Provincial Highway Division, Jhang

1. W/I of Jhang Gojra Road L = 36.40 Km
2. W/I of Road from 18-Hazari to Fetah Pur L= 31 Km
3. Construction of Jhang Bypass Road L=24.70 Km
4. W/I of Road Layyah Garh Maharaja from Km 81.67 to 94.67 L = 13 Km


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