Feasibility Study and Detailed Design, Tender Documents and Construction Supervision of Provincial Highways and Rural Access Roads including 6 large bridges of Balochistan Roads Development Project


CPMU Balochistan Roads Development Sector Project, C & W Department, Government of Balochistan



Approx. value of the services provided by firm under the contract (PKR)

Rs. 60.409 Million

Start Date

July, 2005

End Date

October, 2010

Scope of the project

This is ADB Funded Balochistan Road Sector Development Project involving 479 Km of Detailed Design and 752 Km of Construction Supervision of Provincial and Rural roads. EGC is responsible for 213 Km of Detailed Design, 226 Km of Construction Supervision and 159 km of Design Review.

  1. Bridge over Wida Nai Nullan, New bridge, 5 spans, 125.15 m length with Pile Foundation and Pre-stressed Girders

  2. Bridge over Monora Dhcra Nullah, New bridge, 4 spans, 100.125 m length, Pile foundation & Pre-stressed girders

  3. Provincial Highway, Kach-Shahraj Harnai, R.D. (Km 0+000 to Km 94+684.055), New Bridge, Spread Foundation, Pre-stressed Girders.

  4. Vela Baz Khan Killi Bridge, R.D.15 + 560 Km, 4 spans, 120 m length, Pre-stressed Girders, spread foundations

  5. Mir Ali Khal Bridge, R.D. 55+560 Km, 2 Spans, 30 m length, Spread Foundation, RCC Beam

  6. WAM Ziarat Bridge, R.D. 61 + 560 Km 5 spans, 125.15 m length, Pile Foundation, Pre-stressed Girders


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