Position Title:

Director Urban Planning & Architecture


Pakistan, Lahore




Executive Director, Pakistan

Design Director, South Asia & Central Asia





•    A Leader who can coordinate and manage the Group's aspirations of being an Industry Leader of the Built Environment within Pakistan, with regards to Master Planning & Infrastructure Planning, Urban Design Projects as well as coordination with clients, stakeholders (internal / external) and other relevant consultants, which typically includes:

1.       Architects;

2.       Planners;

3.       Engineers; and

4.       Specialists e.g., traffic engineering, environmental impact assessment, etc.

•    Prior work experience in delivering Master Plan projects at multiple scales, with detailed reports and ground surveys.

•    Management of multiple on-going projects and have prior experience of having worked on leading projects towards total delivery from concept to completion.

•    Engage with local/ external SJ Business Development Teams and develop strategies to win new Projects.

•    Development of concepts and the ability to present the same to Clients, officials and at public forums.

•    Function as a people manager and mentor to staff to and ensure that they receive the right continual training to develop expertise in domain specific areas as well as in skills required for delivery of the project.

•    Maintain knowledge of, and with an ability to interpret Local Building Codes, Zoning Laws and Planning Guidelines, to be in a position to guide planning decisions and drive the design process.

•    Be able to develop Urban Planning/ Design Guidelines and development criteria for planning areas.

•    Familiarity with Autodesk BIM standards and requirements.



•     Good inter-personal and communication skills with capability to liaise with consultant, contractors and work with a multi-disciplinary team.

•    A team-player and at the same time, a leader of people.

•    Savvy with Client management